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Cupertino Historical Society + Museum

Documenting Cupertino During Covid-19

As Cupertino’s historical society and one of the oldest in the region, the Cupertino Historical Society + Museum has been collecting and archiving items that document our community’s past since 1966.  Our collection includes more than 5,000 tools, graphics, books, artifacts, and other historical materials. 

That brings us to the present—we are currently living through a historically notable time! We need your help to document what is going on in your homes, at your jobs, and in the community. We want to hear your story.  We want to know how you and your family are experiencing the current pandemic and “new normal” of life in the Bay Area.

Here are some examples of what we’re looking for:

  • Writings
  • Signage
  • Photos
  • Drawings, paintings, and other forms of art you’re creating and documenting
  • Short Videos (limited to 500 MB files size, for larger files, please email jennifer@cupertinohistoricalsociety.org)

Please stay safe when documenting these historic times. Do not put yourself in danger when capturing photos or videos.

We have set up a special online submission resource that will allow you to share your stories, photos and other items so future generations can understand our experience during these unprecedented times.

Items in our collection let us hear the voices and see the people from our past who have experienced all the ranges of human emotions and historical events.  Through the items we collect, we can understand their joys and setbacks, as well as their achievements and failings.

Please take the time to read and respond to each of the fields in the linked form.  Please note, that items cannot be considered unless the form is filled with the necessary information. 

Future researchers, visitors, and Cupertino residents will have you to thank for sharing a part of your lives with them as they work to understand this time in history.